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AG Engineer Supports British Red Cross30.07.2017

Mike Youde, Design Manager in our Stirling Office, recently travelled to Imvepi in West Nile Province, Northern Uganda, on behalf of the British Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to work with colleagues from the Ugandan Red Cross in supporting refugees that had fled fighting in South Sudan.

Mike worked to provide adequate sanitation facilities for up to 20,000 people and  was deployed for four weeks supporting refugee families to build their own ‘household’ latrine as well providing sanitation facilities for a reception centre (population circa 6,000 with typically 1,000 people arriving every day) where all the refugees arriving from South Sudan were offered shelter, food, access to health care as well as being formally registered before being allocated a family plot within the resettlement area.

This was a challenging environment with lack of tools and materials due to the camp being in a remote part of Uganda and a significant distance from any reasonably sized town and difficult ground conditions which made digging latrine holes a slow process.


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