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DW5 Water Quality Programme

Design on behalf of Morrison Construction for Scottish Water's Infrastructure Water Quality Programme to remove elevated levels of iron and manganese within water mains in NE Scotland

The removal of lead and manganese within water mains is an increasing priority for Scottish Water and other UK Water Companies.

Working with Morrison Construction, Allen, Gordon & co have undertaken the detailed design of programmes to removal sources of iron and removal manganese from mains in Fife and Angus. The work has including replacement of poor condition iron mains by traditional open cut, pipe bursting and slip-lining as well as spray applied lining of better condition iron mains up to 24" in diameter.

A swabbing and flushing programme has also been designed to remove residual deposits from pipe walls.

NE Scotland
Started on:
April 2010
Completed on:
March 2013
Stephen Munro - stephen.munro@allengordon.co.uk

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