Blackwater Hydro Scheme

Commissioning begins on the 900KW Blackwater Hydro Scheme

Commissioning has recently begun on the Hydro Scheme located at Blackwater Reservoir, Kinlochleven. AG are acting as civil and structural engineers for Client SIMEC GHR on the project which makes use of the head available at Blackwater Dam to generate up to 900kW of electrical power.


Blackwater Reservoir forms part of the Loch Leven Water-Power Works, authorised by Parliament in 1901 and developed by the Loch Leven Water and Electric Power Company. The completed works were taken over by the British Aluminium Company and used to power their aluminium smelter in Kinlochleven where production began in 1909. The reservoir formed by a concrete gravity dam approximately 914m long and 26m high and was, at the time of its construction, the largest artificial body of water in Europe. Production at the smelter ceased in 2000 but the original powerhouse remains and generates up to 26MW of electrical power for export to the grid.


The current project sees the original reservoir outlet pipework modified and extended to feed a Kaplan turbine located in a new powerhouse at the foot of the dam.

Started on:
January 2021
Completed on:
December 2021
Gordon Davie -

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